Facts about West Goshen Township


The lands of Goshen were purchased in 1681 from William Penn as part of the Welsh tract of Westtown. By 1704, Goshen and Westtown had become separate townships. In 1788, the formation of the Borough of West Chester reduced the size of Goshen. Finally, in 1817, the Township divided into East and West Goshen Townships. At the time of the 1820 census, West Goshen's population numbered 757.

West Goshen was primarily a farming community in its early history. Before long, many different businesses began to appear, including several women-owned enterprises. Trades such as cabinet-making, tailoring, weaving, clock-making, and wool-making characterized the area. The completion of railroads in the 1830's and 1850's facilitated the delivery of goods and services to the Township, and marked the migration of many Philadelphians seeking country residences.

By 1930, West Goshen's population had risen to 1,958. The farming community had grown into a suburban neighborhood. In 1950, the population was 3,500. The Township experienced its most explosive growth during the 1960's and 1970's, and today can boast over 20,000 residents and a balanced mix of residential, business, office, retail, and industrial uses.

Government & Demographics

Form of Government: Second Class Township
Year Organized: 1817
Area: 12 square miles
Location: Southeastern quadrant of Pennsylvania
in eastern Chester County; west of Philadelphia;
north of Wilmington, Delaware; east of Lancaster
Governing Body: Board of Supervisors
five members are elected at large for six year terms
Administration: Township Manager
appointed by the Board of Supervisors
Miles of Municipal Roads: 93
Miles of State Roads: 28
Assessed Valuation: $1,776,988,873


Population: 21,866
Male: 49.2%
Female: 50.8%
0 - 20 Age Group: 28.6%
21 - 44 Age Group: 40.5%
45 - 64 Age Group: 19.9%
65+ Age Group: 11.0%
Median Age: 34.0 years


Millage & Taxes 

Municipal Millage: 2.0
School Millage: 18.67
Transfer Tax: 0.5%
Municipal Earned Income Tax: 0.5%
School Earned Income Tax: 0.5%
Emergency & Municipal Services Tax: $52

Party Affiliation

Republican: 60.7%
Democrat: 26.1%
Other: 0.7%
No Party Affiliation: 12.5%


Township Services: Full services, including police, sewage collection and treatment, solid waste collection, and parks and recreation programs

Services Provided by Others: Southeastern Pennsylvania Transit Authority (SEPTA); Aqua America Pennsylvania; fire protection provided by Fame, Good Will, Goshen, and West Chester Fire Companies; EMS provided by Goshen Fire Company and Good Fellowship Ambulance Company

Services Provided to Areas Outside the Township: The Sewer Authority and the Township have entered into agreements with East Goshen, Westtown, and West Whiteland Townships to accept flows from these municipalities into the West Goshen Sewer system


Public Schools Serving West Goshen Students: East Bradford Elementary School, Exton Elementary School, Fern Hill Elementary School, Glen Acres Elementary School, Hillsdale Elementary School, Mary C. Howse Elementary School, Sarah W. Starkweather Elementary School, Westtown-Thornbury Elementary School, J.R. Fugett Middle School, E.N. Pierce Middle School, G.A. Stetson Middle School, B. Reed Henderson High School, West Chester East High School, Rustin High School

Public Schools Located in West Goshen Township: Fern Hill Elementary School, Glen Acres Elementary School, Fugett Middle School, E.N. Pierce Middle School, West Chester East High School